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So . . . what’s the bottom line for your business?


As far as we at Local Ascent see it . . . the bottom line, the business of any business, is to generate a profit.

Money in the bank!

As we see it, there are two ways to do this:

Increase IncomeCut Costs

After all the variations it kind of breaks down to that . . .  doesn’t it?


At Local Ascent we specialize in these two items, elemental to all business. And we specialize in bringing businesses solidly into the digital age.

We know how to put you in a position to dominate your market in an online world and at a cost that makes sense.

With an arsenal of tools and weapons designed to tap into the immense flow of traffic that exists online,  we know how to do it in ways that will keep the cost/benefit ratio well balanced in your favor.  More importantly, we know how to tap into that specific market that is looking for what you offer.

Too many people have fallen for the “If you build it, they will come” mentality of online marketing. They’ve been conned into the idea that, if they spend thousands on a beautiful web site, they’ve got it made. ( “Hallelujah . .. let the good times roll!” )

Reality??   While a lot of these sites may be pretty to look at, they’re built on poor foundations for business. They are built to look good, not to pull in customers. The cost/benefit ratio is backwards.

We don’t presume to know your business, but we know how to help you define and find what it is that will give you the most effective response online. We know how to build the structure before you even start thinking what it’s going to look like. You’ll know you are on solid ground.

shake handsOnce we have it all lined up, we pull the trigger and put it in motion. Again and again, we put our clients on page one, in front of folks hungry for what they offer. Folks that otherwise would have gone to a competitor.

If you’re serious about building a strong foundation online, one that serves your business rather than robs it, one that actually increases the money in your pocket . . . give us a call to see how we can work together.

While it may sound cliché . . . your success is our success.

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Garry Dufresne  – owner Local Ascent